Caribou (171-180 grams) 4,5,-3,1


This beaded midrange uses the same ‘Grip Performance’ rubber plastic blend as our very popular ‘Polar Bear’ putter, making it perfect for all weather conditions. It has a straight to understable flight pattern making it easy to control and a great ‘get out of trouble’ disc. Best used for short drives and shots just outside of your putting range. When you power it down it flies straight as an arrow with a small dependable fade.

Grip Performance Plastic – Firm rubber with a bit of flexibility and excellent grip in all weather conditions/temperatures. Grip improves with use.

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Additional Information

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 4 cm
Caribou - Choose your colour

Classic Caribou, Fire, Grape, Red

Disc Type

Mid-Range / Approach


Caribou (4,5,-3,1)

Plastic Type

Grip Performance (GP)

Skill Level



Caribou (4,5,-3,1) XGP

2 reviews for Caribou (171-180 grams) 4,5,-3,1

  1. Paul Rust

    This disc was great for short rollers that you need to get right and was great for a riding hyzer or hyzer flip. This disc felt really comfortable and was great for an anhyzer that you want to push forward, glide and get right.

  2. Patrick Brazé

    If you are a beginer, this disc need to be in your bag.
    Easy to throw, reliable and predictable.

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