“I really want to say a huge thank you for an absolutely amazing job of accommodating our crazy last minute order of discs. ┬áNot only a large quantity but the three different designs. Thank you, thank you!” – Suzy – Ultimate NL President, Canada

“Personally I also prefer the feel of your discs, they seem to hold their shape longer and their flight seems more stable.” – Inge Van Oostveen from Vernon B.C.

“I like ’em. Other people like ’em.” – Lorne Beckman, Montreal Ultimate

“My team (kamaya maya) played with the normal one at practice the other week and right away the rest of the team commented on how easy it was to throw.”
-Tim Billingham, England

“YOU’RE THE GREATEST!!!!! THEY’RE INCREDIBLE, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Seriously, I just don’t know what to say, I’m so impressed. You did them so well, and so quick, and thank you so much for the double foil colors, it’s great. Wow…Thanks so much”
Myriam, Ottawa High School Ultimate
p.s. wow, wow, wow…

“Yeah, I got the order. thank you. I’m loving the discs. you guys have the best product on the market. keep up the good work. loving the Frostie.”
Ethan Leavitt, Washington, USA