Swift-Fox (160-175 grams) 9,5,-3,1


Made from our new super durable grippy ‘Ultra Plastic’. Thrown lightly it acts like a control driver but when thrown hard you can get some serious distance and serious S-curves out of this disc. This very versatile disc is great as a 1st driver which can still be used after the player becomes more advanced.

Ultra Performance Plastic – Durable opaque plastic similar to our ‘High Performance’ plastic with improved grip and a little more flex.

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Additional Information

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 4 cm
Swift-Fox - Choose your colour

Pink, Blue, Classic Swift Fox, Sun, Orange

Disc Type

Fairway Driver


Swiftfox (9,5,-3,1)

Plastic Type

Ultra Performance (UP)

Skill Level



Swiftfox (9,5,-3,1) UP

2 reviews for Swift-Fox (160-175 grams) 9,5,-3,1

  1. Timmi

    “Additional information
    Weight .45 kg ”

    Really? isn’t 450g a bit heavy for a disc?

    Wouldn’t it be more helpful to tell us what weights it’s available in?

    • mike

      Whoops, thank you for spotting that! Yes we forgot to add the weights to this item. We will revamp that page. The weight you saw was the shipping weight of package. The disc weight is between 170-174 grams.

  2. Darrell Watson

    The swiftfox isa great understable fairway driver, with a slight drift to the right and a soft fade at the end, you can trust this disc for easy consistent distance. For slower arm speeds this disc will fly straight and fade slightly right before landing softly. There is a place in everyone’s bag for this discs.

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