Timberwolf (159-175 grams) 9,6,-1,0


This disc is designed for the intermediate to advanced player and is made from our grippy soft super durable ‘Flex Performance’ plastic. It’s easy to control straight flight pattern and excellent glide is perfect to hit any gap in the woods that is 300+! Plus it is great for rounds in colder weather.

Flex Performance Plastic – Flexible ‘candy’ clear plastic which feels great in the hand. Has the same predictable performance as our ‘High Performance’ plastic with added grip.  It is hard to damage and perfect for colder weather conditions.

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Additional Information

Weight .30 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 3 cm
Timberwolf - Choose your colour

Ice, Classic Timberwolf, White, Yellow, Orange

Disc Type

Fairway Driver


Timberwolf (9,6,-1,0)

Plastic Type

Flex Performance (FP)

Skill Level

Advanced, Intermediate


Timberwolf (9,6,-1,0) FP

5 reviews for Timberwolf (159-175 grams) 9,6,-1,0

  1. Rickie Utley (verified owner)

    Great disc very straight and good for lower arm speeds found one used it for a month returned it to original owner bought 3 a week after that love this disc looking forwad to trying other Daredevil products in the future one of the best disc I have owned.

  2. John Allen

    I didn’t know anything about the company until I bought a Timberwolf and I only bought it because it was my old gamer tag. When I threw it, it quickly became my favorite disc for both backhand and especially forehand. It’s one of the straightest flying discs in my bag and the most reliable. I now carry 2 T’wolves and have added a few other DDs as well.

  3. Cameron

    My favourite go to driver. I recommend it to every one I play with. Great for all conditions, and skill levels.

  4. Patrick Brazé

    Amazing driver for all type of player.
    – Stable enough for Advance-Pro player with a lot of glide.
    -Being a speed 9 a lower arm thrower can still have reliable distance with it with great stability

  5. John

    When thrown flat it’s very straight and skips forward on most throws. When thrown on angle the disc will hold that angle through most of the flight. The only way I’ve gotten this disc to fade is when thrown high. The glide will carry it a bit when thrown too high. I love this disc for straight lines through a gap that is narrow. To be honest it doesn’t fly as far as the Hatchet for me, but I’m 46 and can’t throw that hard. This disc willl finish more straight on the angle than any disc I’ve ever thrown. It’s a true weapon in narrow corridors.

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