NICKNAME : Supurpleman

FROM: Montreal (Qc, Canada)

FIRST ACE: May 11, 2022 #8 at Yodaco private DGC (Mirabel, Quebec, Canada).

FAVORITE DGC: Rouville (Qc, Canada).

FAVORITE DISCS: Beaver, Timberwolf, and Sabertooth.

FIRST ROUND: 2014 at White Spruce (Brampton, ON, Canada).

TRIVIA: I first heard about disc golf in early 2014 and i though it was only a made-up (Nintendo] WII game; little did i know it was a real sport. I then played my first round, and that was it for me; i had caught the DG lifetime bug for life.

HOBBIES/SPORTS: Ice hockey, ball hockey, beach volleyball, watching movies, listening to music, attending concerts and festivals, drinking craft beers in good company, and last but not least; playing DG and throwing DDD plastic.

WHY DDD : Canadian company with great molds, plastics, disc names and artwork, and a lovely family.

PDGA# 72647

  • Started: August 2014
  • Favourite discs: Polar Bear, Moose, Albatross
  • Home Course: Lakewood Park, Tecumseh, ON
  • First Ace: Blue #2 BRATS Red, White and Blue
  • Favourite saying: “That wind is savage”
  • Disc golf has become a huge part of my life. I believe it will continue to grow for decades. It’s a grass roots thing, and I hope it stays that way. I love helping to #growthesport, and I love being a part of #teamdaredevil. My favourite part of the game, besides playing it myself, is giving a disc to a first timer and watching the excitement turn to addiction. I love disc golf.

PDGA #44988

  • Currently reside in: Ottawa, ON
  • Favorite Daredevil discs: Polar Bear, Timberwolf, Wolverine
  • Predominantly throws: RHBH (Right Hand Back Hand)
  • Home course: The Shire
  • Started playing disc golf: 2006

PDGA# 73233

Main drivers– Mammoth, Sabertooth, Timberwolve, Bigfoot, Albatross, Buffalo, Mid-range – Moose, Walrus, Caribou

Putters – Hellbender/Memphre, Big Horn, Woodchuck

Best finish – 1st in the Recreational division at Ledgestone Insurance Open (2019)

Favorite disc – Mammoth (7 aces)

PDGA # 188541

Favorite disc: walrus! I love this disc! Once you get it beat in a little it has the straightest flight of any disc I’ve used! Perfect for those straight 250-300ft tunnel shots.

Favorite course: Bailey’s Crossing in Devon, Alberta, Canada.

First ace: with daredevils big horn disc at fort St. John’s toboggan hill hole 4.

My friends introduced me to disc golf the summer of 2021, at first I was absolutely terrible! I couldn’t reach 100ft to save my life. My friends had this seemingly magical way of throwing a disc three to four times farther than me with what looked like less effort. This was perplexing to me and started my trip down the disc golf rabbit hole of learning throwing techniques, different disc shapes, what beating in a disc does, wind reading and all that juicy knowledge needed to control my lines. I played everyday that summer developing my knowledge and understanding of disc golf. Putting what I’ve learned to the test I signed up for a local tournament in the novice division August 2021 and won, ever since I’ve been hooked! I’m always looking forward to meeting new rivals and making friends with every tournament I experience!

PDGA# 20617
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Started Playing: 1975

Favorite Discs: Timberwolf and Bighorn

First Ace: 1988, Strathgartney Provincial Park, Strathgartney, PE

Home Course: Larrimac Golf and Tennis Club, Chelsea, QC

Favorite Course: Hillcrest Farm, Bonshaw, PE

Formerly a competitive fencer and a recreational ultimate player. Don has been highly involved in the sport in many capacities over the years. He was the first Manager of PDGA Canada, the PDGA Provincial Coordinator for ON, and on the executive of two provincial associations (ODSA and Disquébec). 

He was heavily involved in the Québec Disc Golf Tour and the Tournée Pro-Am Disc Golf, and has been the TD or Co-TD of many A, B, C, and unsanctioned events in three provinces (ON, QC, & PE), namely Le Phé-Nominingue (A), Cdn. Nat’l Ch’ships (A/B), Outaouais Open (C), The Plaid Jacket, Ottawa Ice Bowl, Worlds Biggest, Ottawa Tree-Oh Challenge (unsanctioned). 

He has played disc golf in 9 provinces and 1 territory in Canada and looks forward to completing his cross-country tour by playing in NL, NU, and NT.

PDGA #250932

Started Playing: 2022

Location: Baltimore, MD

Favorite Daredevil discs: Hellbender Razorback, Timberwolf. 

Home course: Druid Hill Park

Favorite course: Hickory Heights Golf Club 

Baseball was one of my favorite activities when I was growing up, until November of 2022 when my dad bought a couple of putters from our local sports shop. The first time my brothers and I went to the course I immediately fell in love with the sport and kept trying to improve every time I played. On Christmas of 2022, my brother and I both got disc golf bags and after that we could not stop buying discs. In March of 2023, I played my first tournament, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I’m still always trying to improve at the sport and grow it as much as I can. I recently won 2nd place at 12th Canby West Cookout in MA3 in Delaware.

PDGA 118144

Goes by Nuclear Blobfish on UDisc and can huck discs way better than your run-of-the-mill blobfish. He was also a fanboy of Daredevil Discs long before joining Team Daredevil Discs. It happened one cool summer afternoon when he was looking for an understable putter online and the description for the Woodchuck sounded intriguing. That disc changed his whole perspective on the short game and got him to start trying out other Daredevil molds. The Timberwolf revolutionized his fairway driver control, the Mammoth became the first OS fairway driver that he connected with, and he turned heads by using the unorthodox Ogopogo instead of an OS midrange to take advantage of the dead flop that Elastic Performance plastic generates. He was super geeked out to get to test the Hellbender prototypes this past summer and now considers the Memphre and Killer Whale to be bag staples. 

His all-time favorite plastic blend is Daredevil’s Flex Performance. Not surprisingly, his go-to drivers are the Timberwolf, Mammoth, and (rarely) the Merlin. The Hellbender Memphre is his favorite forehand approach disc.

He considers himself to be a RHBH player, but in the past year, his focus on the forehand has changed a lot of his shot selection and has saved many trees from an inadvertent pruning. Off the tee nowadays, he’s just as apt to flick a hyzerflip Timberwolf as he is to rip a backhand (also hyzerflipped) Timberwolf. He has an odd quirk in his game: he got rid of his X-step and plays exclusively from standstill. He initially did this because he kept missing his mark and didn’t want to get called on a foot fault. He continued developing his style because he’s a physics teacher and is convinced that throwing from a standstill is like pitching from the stretch, and that good form out of a standstill will pay off without the risk of falling like Kevin Jones on his memorable ace. Lgdfg not getting any younger and while he has been known to play a tournament in a sling a month after getting shoulder surgery on his non-throwing arm, he’d rather NOT have to do that again.

He thinks every new arm should try throwing a caribou. One of the toughest early hurdles for new throwers is generating snap, and that’s especially difficult with a weak grip. The Grip Performance plastic makes the caribou pretty much the easiest midrange for beginners to pick up and throw for appreciable distance. He often hands out caribous to new players.

He’s pictured here with his trusty Memphre and with Kesha, the ridiculously dyed Timberwolf.

Started: March 2018

Favorite discs: sabertooth and salamander

Home course: Lafreniere Park Metairie, La

First ace: old hole 19 @ Lafreniere park, now hole 6 I started playing disc golf in 2018.

I started with only 3 discs and my love for this sport has blown up immensely. I have managed to work my way thru every division and now play in the mpo division. I will continue to grow this sport to the best of my abilities while throwing some of the best plastic produced by DareDevil Discs. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all!

PDGA #68154

FIRST ACE – #15 Ferrettie Baugo Disc Golf Course


FAVORITE DISCS – Timberwolf, Sabertooth, Polar Bear

FROM – Mishawaka, Indiana, USA

Started playing the sport in 2013

I was first introduced to the Daredevil brand of disc golf disc in 2015. Within a few weeks I was on the phone

with Daredevil trying to figure out a way to work with their company, after putting my hands on the  discs I knew that

this company was the real deal. I found the discs to have unmatched reliability,

consistency, great feel, cool stamps and most of all I found the crew at Daredevil to be amazingly fun to work with.

I played three seasons with team Daredevil from 2015-2017 but took a hiatus from the sport due to an injury and I also

started another amazing journey in my life, I became a father. Now that I am healthy… My first call was back to

the crew at Daredevil. Daredevil to me is the next disc golf manufacturer that will make major waves.

Amazing plastic, great molds, awesome people and a passion for the sport. I Could not be more proud or

excited to represent any other company than I am to represnt Daredevil in the 2023 season.

PDGA# 252789

Started Playing: 2022

Location: Baltimore, MD

Favorite Daredevil discs: Woodchuck, Moose, Yeti.

Home course: Druid Hill Park

Favorite course: Pine grove middle school

Me and my brothers go out to the local disc golf course all the time. I love to throw forehands and rollers with my daredevil discs Yeti. It is very relaxing to go and play for fun and meet new people. I am now only 9 years old but I’m very glad I get the opportunity to learn this sport at a very young age.

PDGA# 252789

Started Playing: 2022

Location: Baltimore, MD

Favorite Daredevil discs: Woodchuck, Moose, Yeti.

Home course: Druid Hill Park

Favorite course: Pine grove middle school

Me and my brothers go out to the local disc golf course all the time. I love to throw forehands and rollers with my daredevil discs Yeti. It is very relaxing to go and play for fun and meet new people. I am now only 9 years old but I’m very glad I get the opportunity to learn this sport at a very young age.

Proudly representing North Carolina. Over the past decade, I’ve immersed myself in the thrilling world of disc golf, continually refining my skills and pushing my limits. But I’m not just a player – I’m deeply involved in the community, organizing and supporting disc golf tournaments to foster growth and camaraderie. When I step onto the course, my trusted companion is the Mammoth, a disc that perfectly complements my determination and skills taking the game to new levels.