Quote Request - Custom Frostie Discs

    Please fill out as much information as possible. This allows us to send you a more accurate quote.

    * Minimum order is 30 discs with a 1 colour print (not including misprints), 2 and 3 colour prints are available for custom orders over 50 discs.

    Disc Colours Available

    Frostie 175 Gram (Cold Weather) Discs

    Print Foil Colours Available

    Print Foil Colours Available

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    Instructions:Please enter the quantity first, then the disc color, and then the print colour for print 1,2 and 3 (See print colours description example below). You are not required to choose print colours for Print Colour 2 and 3, if you only have a one colour print design.

    Qty / Disc Colour / Print Colour 1 / Print Colour 2 / Print Colour 3

    * Depending on your design, we may get up to 4 misprints per 100 discs. Your misprints will be sold by us if not bought by you.

    * Please enter the total # of discs in your order below.

    Total # of discs = Custom Discs Order (minimum 30 discs) + Misprints

    Print Colours Description

    Print Colours Description

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