Our Mission

To promote physical fitness, sportsmanship, and a healthier lifestyle through disc sports.

Our Company

Daredevil Discs is based in Canada and all discs are 100% made in Ontario, Canada. We are the largest Canadian disc manufacturer and distribute our products worldwide.

The company manufactures four styles of discs:

1) The 175G Daredevil Ultimate ‘Gamedisc’ – regulation 175 gram weight and size for the great game of Ultimate and approved by USA Ultimate at the Championship Level. Daredevil Discs was second manufacturer in the world to receive this status!

2) The ‘140G’ – 140gram Ultimate Disc – designed initially as a junior ultimate discs (under 12 years old player) this model is also a perfect recreational disc at the park or beach for all ages. Also approved by USA Ultimate at the Championship Level.

3) The Frostie – Cold Weather 175gram Ultimate Disc – the first disc in the world designed for playing Ultimate in colder climates.

4) Golf Discs – 19 models and counting! Consisting of putters, approach discs and drivers in highly durable plastics. Whether you are a beginner or professional PDGA tournament player, we have the disc for you!

Another unique quality of the company is that it has its own ‘Design Department’ which can help clients design artwork for their custom team or tournament discs.

Brief History

Launched in February 2002, Daredevil Discs has become a well recognized disc brand in Canada and many locations around the world. Co-owners, Wah Phung-Lu and Mike Seaby have travelled to hundreds of tournaments to spread the word and collect valuable feedback from ultimate players and disc golf players. Wah Phung-Lu has been playing ultimate since 1989 in Ottawa and continues to tour with a travelling team. Mike has been playing ultimate since 1999 and has taken part in many disc golf events.

It was out of the love for disc sports that they started the company, providing an alternate source for quality Ultimate Discs and Golf Discs.

Daredevil Discs has been a major sponsor and a official disc for the Canadian Ultimate Championships and Canadian Disc Golf Championships. Daredevil Discs’ design team has also designed official logo, signage, maps, shirts, discs, and the sponsorship package for some of these events.

They continue to sponsor and help run several charity tournaments and provides discounted prices for kids leagues, schools and start up leagues.

The Daredevil Ultimate Gamedisc was also used at the World Championships in Hawaii for gameplay as well as the Maximum Time Aloft (MTA) competition, which was won by 2001 and 2002 Canadian MTA Champion, Wah Phung-Lu (co-owner).

Daredevil Discs thanks all ultimate, discgolf players and organizations for their support, enthusiasm, great comments, and encouragement. All feedback, suggestions and advice is appreciated.