Customize your Discs


There is nothing better then having your own team, tournament or organization discs! All of our disc models (175G Ultimate, 140G and Golf Discs) can be custom printed up to 3 colours. This section will provide information about ‘How to order’ and ‘Artwork design specifications’. All other information such as disc and print (foil) colours available are shown in our ‘Free Custom Quote’ section.

How to Order

How to order

1. After designing your team or tournament logo, fill out our ‘Free Custom Quote’ online orderform for the model of disc you would like printed. Here you can choose the disc colours, artwork (foil) colours, disc quantities you like and attach an image of your artwork for approval (Adobe Illustrator or PDF vectorized artwork is prefered).  Daredevil’s design team can always assist you with the logo development, free of charge! Note: If using copyrighted material (cartoon characters, corporate logos, film artwork, and school mascots) in your design, we need to obtain permission from the owner.

2.  Daredevil will review your artwork and send a detailed quote for your order.

3. After discussing any order details and artwork is approved, you will need to pay for your order through credit card, cheque (*payable to ‘Daredevil Discs’) or online e-transfer to the e-mail address ‘[email protected]’.

4.  Receive your custom discs in 3-4 weeks from payment date! Shipping will we arranged by ‘Daredevil Discs’ unless informed otherwise.

Artwork Design Specifications

Print Area: The maximum printable area on an ultimate disc is 6.75 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches for golf discs.

Line Thickness: The minimum line thickness is 1 millimeter.

Fonts Size: The minimum Font size is 12 points.

Avoid Large Solid Areas: To avoid bubbles during printing, keep solid areas to a maximum of 1 inch squared. If it is larger…you can use a fill patter of dots, or lines to break it up.

Avoid Center of Disc: Some discs have a slight depression in the center. This creates a problem area for printing artwork.

Spacing Between Colours: When designing 2 or 3 coloured artwork, leave a 3mm space between colours. This spacing between colors allows the layers to move slightly during printing without the colors printing on top of each other.

Artwork: Submit artwork by email in a high resolution JPEG, TIFF, Illustrator or PDF file (vectorized art is preferred). We will look over your design and make necessary changes to make sure that it will work.