Woodchuck Putter (172-176 grams) 2,2,-1,0


This slightly understable putter is made with our ‘Elastic Performance’ plastic which is probably the softest grippiest plastic available on the market!.  This very straight flying utility disc is a game changer. It’s ability to absorb impact with the chains or fold increases your chances of a successful putt and if you miss, it doesn’t roll away! Perfect for up hill and death putt or approach shots, this disc truly shaves strokes off your game.

Elastic Performance Plastic – Super soft rubber with a gummy feel, which has the ability to absorb the impact of any object it hits. After impact it drops and stops with no roll away. Also perfect for colder weather conditions.

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Additional Information

Weight .30 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 3 cm
Woodchuck - Choose your colour

yellow, Grape, Red

Disc Type



Woodchuck (2,2,-1,0)

Plastic Type

Elastic Performance (EP)

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate


Woodchuck (2,2,-1,0) EP

5 reviews for Woodchuck Putter (172-176 grams) 2,2,-1,0

  1. Paul Rust

    At first I was skeptical of this disc as I had never used plastic so soft and grippy, but as I started to use it I really enjoyed how much control I had with the grip and especially in wet or rainy conditions. I found that the woodchuck was great for coming in to tight greens or if you just wanted to plant the disc right next to the basket as it would just grab whatever it landed on. Finally this disc is great for holding any line and if thrown flat will tend to go straight or drift slowly to the right at the end of the flight.

  2. Patrick Brazé

    Simply a chain seeker…. this disc want to stay in the basket, straight to target when use outside circle… can be use by any type of player.

    Plastic will also be amazing if you play during winter.

  3. Benjamin Yak

    One of the best putters I’ve ever used! The Woodchuck let’s you grip even in the coldest weather. Has improved my putting game immensely! Buying a couple more Woodchucks as I’m making this comment lol! Gj Daredevil Discs!

  4. Will M (verified owner)

    Best putter I’ve ever used. Bought more than 25+ and been using it for 15 years.

  5. Jeff

    Hands Down My Favorite Putter and Should Be Yours Too….I Have O Issues and Has Never Failed Me….My Buddy Will Turned Me Onto The Woodchuck ✌️✌️✌️

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