25 Pack of 175gram Ultimate Discs


Are you looking for a high quality frisbee set containing official frisbees for Ultimate, this is it. Top quality, official size and weight for ultimate frisbee, they will last you over 10 years easily. You will recieve a combination of colors and prints depending on availability.

These frisbees will last. As PE teacher Hans Geurtsen told us recently about the frisbees he bought from us in 2011: “They are still in perfect aerodynamic condition. They have been battered and hammered on, jumped upon, they have been thrown at the wall, in bramble bosshes and in water, across the schoolyard. Used in extracurricular activitities, holidays, Pe teaching, they have been everywhere. They have scratches all over, but it does not hinder their performance.

For ages 11 years and up.

For primary schools our 140 gram or 115 gram junior discs would fit better in their smaller hands. Teaching kits also available which includes different combinations of these discs plus a free tutorial booklet.

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 47 cm

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