Team Daredevil Disc Golf 2021

PDGA #64529

  • FIRST ACE – #12 George Wilson Park
  • FAVORITE COURSE – Maple Hill (Leicester, MA) & Brewster Ridge
  • FAVORITE DISCS – Wolverine, Moose, Polar Bear
  • FROM – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Started playing the sport in 2012
  • Was born with Daredevil Discs in my hands, as my first two discs were the Timberwolf and the Polar Bear. 

I quickly became addicted to the sport and started branching out, going online to check out and purchase a ton of discs from every disc manufacturer I could find. After trying those other discs on a variety of courses, I always came back to my roots and preferred Daredevil for their reliability and performance. 

In 2016, I switched to a 100% bag of Daredevil Discs and won my first pro tournament, shooting a -15 at ‘La Grosse Coupe,’ primarily using a Wolverine, a Moose, and a Polar Bear. My favourite disc is the Wolverine, which is easy to control, works on every angle you give it, and can go just as far as any other high speed driver. This makes it a must have disc for any Am or Pro player. 

As for my best memory, it would have to be the Final 9 at last year’s Quebec Provincial Championships, where I came in 4th but won the Final 9 Playoff round, which had a large group of spectators. I trusted my Polar Bear and it worked out great for me, sinking many long putts and helping me climb up another spot at the tournament.

PDGA #68489

  • Location: Chattanooga, TN, USA
  • Started Playing: 2013
  • Favorite Discs: Mammoth, Polar Bear, Woodchuck, Buffalo, (New Driver), Walrus
  • Favorite Courses: The Sinks DGC (Chattanooga, TN), The Claytons DGC (Knoxville, TN), Trophy Lakes DGC (Charleston, SC)
  • Favorite moment with Daredevil: In my first tournament throwing daredevil, I played my best tournament to date. I got on the lead card going into the final round and then shot the hot round to finish in second. I had recently switched to the polar bear for my putts and it made a world of difference. Best putter on the market


  • Started: August 2014
  • Favourite discs: Polar Bear, Moose, Albatross
  • Home Course: Lakewood Park, Tecumseh, ON
  • First Ace: Blue #2 BRATS Red, White and Blue
  • Favourite saying: “That wind is savage”
  • Disc golf has become a huge part of my life. I believe it will continue to grow for decades. It’s a grass roots thing, and I hope it stays that way. I love helping to #growthesport, and I love being a part of #teamdaredevil. My favourite part of the game, besides playing it myself, is giving a disc to a first timer and watching the excitement turn to addiction. I love disc golf.

PDGA #44988

  • Currently reside in: Ottawa, ON
  • Favorite Daredevil discs: Polar Bear, Timberwolf, Wolverine
  • Predominantly throws: RHBH (Right Hand Back Hand)
  • Home course: The Shire
  • Started playing disc golf: 2006

PDGA #73233

  • Kalamazoo, MI
  • Playing since 2015
  • Favorite discs are the Mammoth, Caribou, moose, sabertooth
  • 5 of 8 career aces have been with a mammoth


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Favorite Disc – Moose