‘The Ultimate Teacher’ Program

‘The Ultimate Teacher’ is our teaching tool, meant to inspire you. It will help you to get kids excited about frisbee sport.

With it you can start teaching children at the age of 6 up to 13 years old. Our experienced volunteers have put together fun exercises and games. Regardless your own frisbee skills, you can use our method to create a lesson program, an appealing workshop or a weekly training at the frisbee club.

The method contains 5 plasticized cards with over 30 exercises and games. It’s easy to use and provides you maximum flexibility so you can differentiate depending on the group you work with and the circumstances.

We developed frisbees for these programs!

The 140 grams ultimate disc is approved by the WFDF (World Flying Disc Federation) for junior frisbee. We recommend to use it for kids age 8 to 12.

Our 115 gram disc is rigid enough to throw while at the same time light enough to catch with confidence for kids age 6 and up.

Both discs have excellent flight characteristics on both forehand and backhand throws. Combined with our frisbee teaching method you can get kids age 6 and up excited about frisbee in a safe manner. 

You can order these kits below in French or English. European kits available at Frisbeewinkel.nl in 5 different languages!   

School sets for children 6-10 years old

This set consists of fifteen 115 gram discs that we specially developed for age 6 and up, plus a  free lesson method booklet 

School sets for children 9-14 years old

This set consists of fifteen 140 gram discs that we specially developed for age 9 and up, plus a  free lesson method booklet 

School sets for children 6-14 years old

This set consists of 21 discs that we specially developed for certain age groups. Twelve 115 gram discs for ages 6 and up and nine white 140 gram discs for ages 9 and up. Plus a  free lesson method booklet

Method Booklet Creators

Hans Krens and Daan Remmers have been performing frisbee workshops at primary and secondary schools since 2005. Besides that, they have many years of experience as youth trainers at several clubs. Hans was the first designated youth team manager in the Netherlands.

After developing an ultimate teaching method program for primary schools in collaboration with the NFB and later for secondary schools. They took up the challenge of developing a teaching method program suitable for very young children, which has lead to the creation of these teaching kits.

For more information about ‘The Ultimate Teacher’ program and the creators visit the links below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theultimatefrisbeeteacher

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@teachingultimate