Disc Description

Made with our durable ‘Flex Performance’ plastic, it’s shape and small bead allows for very stable straight putts and is perfect for short to medium approach shots. Great for rounds in colder weather.

Flex Performance Plastic– Flexible ‘candy’ clear plastic which feels great in the hand. Has the same predictable performance as our ‘High Performance’ plastic with added grip.  It is hard to damage and perfect for colder weather conditions.

Animal Info

Beavers are among the largest rodents in the world and their fur is naturally oily and waterproof. Living up to the age of 24 years, these herbivores prefer to eat leaves, bark, twigs, roots, and aquatic plants. They chew trees with their strong teeth and powerful jaws, creating massive log, branch, and mud dames to block streams and to build there homes (lodges). Beavers are second only to humans in their ability to manipulate and change their environment.

Beavers can grow up to 39 inches (100 cm) long including the tail which can be 12 inches (30 cm) in length. Weighing around 60 lbs (27 kg) these rodents can’t move very quickly on land but are very strong swimmers. Their webbed feet and large paddle-like tail allows them to swim at speeds up to 5 miles (8 km) an hour. They can remain underwater for 15 minutes without surfacing, and have a set of transparent eyelids that function much like goggles.

Flight Rating Descriptions

SPEED Speed is the ability of the disc to cut through the air. Speed Ratings are listed from 1 to 14. Discs with high numbers are faster. Faster discs go farther into the wind with less effort. Slower discs take more power
to throw, but have less of a chance
to fly past the basket.

GLIDE Glide describes the discs ability to maintain loft during flight. Discs with more glide are best for new players, and for producing maximum distance (especially downwind). Glide is rated from 1 to 7. Beginners looking for more distance should choose discs with more glide.

TURN High Speed Turn is the tendency of a disc to turn over or bank to the right (for righthand backhand throws) during the initial part of the flight. A disc with a +1 rating is most resistant to turning over, while a -5 rating will turn the most. Discs rated -2 to -5 make good roller discs.

FADE Low Speed Fade is the discs tendency to hook left (for righthand backhand throws) at the end of the flight. Fade is rated from 0 to 5. A disc rated 0 will finish straightest, while a disc rated 5 will hook hard at the end of the flight. Discs with a high fade rating are predicable even in wind.